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LiLiys is more than just a body care line, it is love for your skin. 

I want your skin to feel nourished and quenched. Starting this line back in 2020, I had my two children, Karter Liam and Kali Liya, in mind.  Both having eczema, no drug store lotions or creams seemed to heal the urge for them to dig their nails in their skin, scratching until the skin was broken. Frustrated with the amount of products I was buying, and torn between not wanting to introduce too many chemicals to their bodies, I decided to cultivate my own.  LiLiy's is made with love and every intention to promote healing and for your skin to be in a healthy state. 


At LiLiy's we have your best interest in your skin needs.  We're sourcing and using the highest quality of products to ensure no harsh chemicals are involved.  We are an all natural body care line striving to build healthy skin inside and out.

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